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I work mainly in ethics and moral psychology, with a strong focus on issues related to well-being and other aspects of the good life. I also have strong interests in policy issues and political philosophy, and teach graduate seminars in that area with some regularity. Environmental ethics is also a longstanding interest that in various ways informs a great deal of my work in other areas.

While my background and approach are rooted in a secular, naturalistic perspective, I am very interested in work that builds connections between secular and religious ethics, and SLU is an excellent place to pursue that sort of work. 

This is not an easy time to be a student, or young, and it is an important part of our job as faculty members to look out for students' well-being. I am more than happy to talk with students who would like a sympathetic ear on any matter. 

Selected Syllabi from Recent Courses

Seminar: The Good Life (Fall 2021)

Seminar: The Psychology of Flourishing (Spring 2021)

Seminar: The Claims of Beauty (Spring 2020)

Seminar: Political Morality (Fall 2019)

Undergraduate: Ethics (Fall 2020)

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